Telus Mobility, Smart Home Security

& Online Security.

JC Computers is now a Telus Partner, so if you would like any of the services mentioned, Telus. ;) 

Find more info provided via links or simply call the hotline, remember to use the Distributor Code to get the best pricing. You may also contact us directly to request a call back. 

Telus Sales Hotline: 1-833-978-0938  - Distributor Code: DCC2009

Telus Mobility: Whether you want endless data for yourself, or a Talk & Text, Find the perfect plan at Telus. For more details click here.

Telus Online Security: Helping you prevent, Detect and recover from Identity Theft.

For more details click here.

 Telus Smart Home Security: Safety, security and a house run smoothly all with a Smarthome Monitoring System. For more details click here.

Distributor Code: DCC2009

Telus Hotline Hours Mon-Fri 11am-10Pm - Sat & Sun 12pm - 8pm.


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