Repair Policy

Repair Policy For JC Computers

Regarding pick-up for repaired & or drop off items:

All repairs made at or by JC Computers are subject to be picked up within a time frame of no later than Thirty (30) Days.

Failure to pick up property Within our 30 Day time frame will result in the item being recycled and or donated to a charity.

If the value of the repair was high, the left behind item will be fully repaired and sold to cover the costs that the consumer left behind.

  Should the consumer give notice within 30 Days with a down payment/deposit to cover repairs & states that he or she requests more time, JC Computers will extend customer pick-up time accordingly.

If at any time a consumer should fail to pick up a computer system. JC Computers will backup any customer data and hold it for a period of 30 Days to allow the consumer to claim personal files at a fee. Should the files not be claimed, they will be destroyed permanently for consumer privacy.

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